I’m complicated. I’m not sure why I’m adding an “About” section because I don’t even really know what to say about myself. So I guess I’ll just cover some basics. I’m a college student, and I’m currently majoring in music education and trumpet performance, but it’s really not what I’m passionate about. I’ve been a Christian my entire life, but it’s only been in the past few years that I’ve really started to take it seriously. I’ve always loved music and it’s always been a passion of mine, specifically worship leading. There’s something about helping lead people into the presence of God that gets me really fired up. I’m incredibly passionate about it, and I’m not half bad at it, either. Lately, I spend a lot of time messing around on my guitar and songwriting. I wouldn’t say I’m the most creative person in the world, but I definitely have a heart for creative people, and I hate to see creativity go to waste. This blog exists because I think a lot and I hate journaling, so I needed somewhere to organize my thoughts, but at the same time I wanted to share my thoughts with people. And thus this blog was born. If I ever start to think about something a lot, I’ll usually sit down and hammer out a new post. There’s no real timing to when they come up, they’ll just randomly show up every now and then. Spontaneity is the fun part, right? Something I’m pretty good at. Anyway, those are some basics about me, but there’s a lot more weird stuff about me I can’t really articulate in words. You really have to get to know me personally to even try to understand me. And if you ever figure me out, please tell me what you discovered. I don’t even know why I function the way I do most of the time.


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