The Meaning of Life: No, it’s not 42.

There are three things I know of that are catalysts of deep, meaningful conversations: Late nights, long drives, and dying campfires. Whatever the discussion may end up being about, more often than not, the cliche question of “What’s the meaning of life?” or, “Why are we here?” ends up making its way into discussion. It’s a question that’s been asked since the beginning of time, by people of all ages. Usually, people can’t really seem to come up with the answer. They usually just make some sort of guess as to what it might be and leave it at that. Well, I don’t mean to brag, but I think I have an idea as to what it might be. This isn’t something I just made up, this is a conclusion I’ve come to over lots of time thinking, listening to other peoples’ ideas and all that kind of stuff. It’s not even exclusively my idea. Plenty of other people have come to the same conclusion. So let’s go through how I came to this conclusion. (You didn’t really think I was just going to tell you, did you?) The way I came to this conclusion was by observing peoples’ natural wants, desires, needs, that kind of stuff. Then the conclusion I came to seemed to fit. Whether or not you agree with me is your decision, but for now, I guess you’re just along for the ride.

There are a lot of things people look for in life. One of these things is an outlet to use their talents. Everyone is good at something. Whether you think so or not, you excel at something that other people may not. For some people it’s an artistic talent, for others, it’s more a talent of intelligence in one of many different areas. And even still for others, it can be athletic talent, or talent when it comes to people skills, being outgoing, relating to others people, being a good listener, et cetera. There are so many different things that different people excel at, and finding a good outlet to use those talents in is one of my paths to discovering the meaning of life. When people aren’t able to use their talents, when they don’t get to use the skills they’ve been gifted with and aren’t able to excel at what they’re good at, it can leave them feeling empty, frustrated, and unmotivated. While on the other hand, people who get to use their talents on a regular basis, whether it be at work or in a club or another group, feel more encouraged, excited, and motivated to continue thriving in that area. People who use their talents on a regular basis feel more of a sense of purpose than those who don’t have that outlet to excel in. Feeling a sense of purpose is something that everyone longs for, which is my next point.

People need to feel a sense of purpose in order to find their life’s meaning. People find their sense of purpose in different things. Some find it in supporting their family, friends, or a particular cause. Some find their purpose in aiming toward a specific goal, whether it’s a career, a life-long dream, anything bigger and better than what they’re doing now. When people don’t have those dreams or desires, they can feel hopeless, that they’re forever stuck in the place they’re currently in. And if they have those dreams or desires with no way of working to achieve them, it can have the same effect. Not having a dream or having a dream that seems completely out of reach can cause someone to feel hopeless, worthless, or without purpose. Having people to encourage you along the way and having the motivation to achieve your dreams is one path to discovering purpose in life. However, having dreams and goals usually isn’t much without one key thing, which is something to devote your life to.

Everyone needs something bigger, something to wrap their life around and devote it to. For some people, it’s the American dream, having a wife, two kids, a dog, and a white picket fence with a good job to support it all. For others it can be a particular cause, like saving the environment, helping children in Africa, or seeking justice for people in court. And for some other people, it can be something as simple as money, success, a relationship, wealth, or fame. Everyone searches for a cause outside themselves to devote their life to. The difference between this aspect and a dream is that quite often the dreams and goals a person has are driven by whatever the “something bigger” in their life is. The dream to have an amazing career can be driven by money. They dream to become a rock star or actor on television can be driven by fame. The dream to get an education, a good job, and a great home can be driven by the American dream, the desire to have a family, or one of many other things. Whatever this bigger purpose may be, it’s something that people look for to devote their life to, so that anything and everything they do is trying to achieve that goal and purpose.

So what do we have so far? People need an outlet to use their talents to achieve a goal driven by a bigger cause. Or, to put it a different way, the “something bigger” in a person’s life drives everything they do, and causes them give their talents and abilities back to that “something bigger” to achieve the dream that it created. It may sound confusing at first, but I’d say this is a pretty accurate description of one of peoples’ greatest needs. And, to me, this sounds like something you may not have thought of before. To me, this sounds like worship. This may sound like a stretch to you, because the way most people think of worship is something brutal or animalistic, something involving sacrifices, ancient rituals, and all that jazz. But for me, worship is something completely different. For me, worship is using your talents and abilities for a cause outside yourself to achieve a dream, which is usually driven by the root cause in the first place. So, by my logic, if everyone has those three things (a desire to use their talents and abilities, a bigger, better dream, and a cause outside themselves), it stands to reason that everyone worships something. Some people worship money, fame, and success, some people worship the American dream, some people worship other people or a relationship, some people worship a specific cause such as saving the planet, some people worship the planet itself. Whatever it is that you worship, it’s something that consumes your thoughts, your motivation, your desires, your whole being. And whatever it may be, everyone worships something. Worship is the purpose and meaning of life.

Now, here’s where things get a little complicated. There are a couple more things that every person looks for and needs. The first thing people look for is to be loved, appreciated, to have a feeling that you belong. Anyone who says otherwise is lying. People long for that feeling of belonging, that they’ve found their place, and that they’re loved and appreciated. Some of these things that people worship don’t do that at all, like money and success, while some others may seem to give people what they’re looking for, like a relationship or fame. People look for love and appreciation in a myriad of places and they may think they’ve found it for a while, but a lot of times they end up feeling empty, wondering why they don’t feel happy or content. So they end up looking for more of it. And then it just turns into a never-ending cycle of no satisfaction. Whether they know it or not, people want to worship something that gives back to them, and when they realize they aren’t getting what they want or need, they just end up throwing themselves into it even more, which complicates things even more.

The last thing people want and need in life is a sense of identity. Something that shows who they are, what they do, what they stand for. And, once again, some people find their identity in what they do, where they are in life, or who they’re in a relationship with. The problem here is, jobs and careers come and go, life is never consistent, and people fail. The issue here comes when the thing they find their identity in, the thing they’ve wrapped their lives around and devoted so much time, energy, and hope to, is taken away. When a job is lost, when the market crashes and you lose everything, when your significant other decides it’s time to see new people, where does your identity go? It disappears. People find their identity in what they worship, but when it’s taken away, they’re left broken, without an identity, and starting from square one when it comes to discovering who they are. Thus begins a process of rebuilding, picking up the pieces and trying to reconstruct the shell they once were. Some people don’t even make an attempt to move on, and just end up just accepting that being miserable is the new way of life. Their identity’s gone, and it can’t be found again, so why even try?

This is all where my final point comes in. People need to worship something that never changes, never fails, gives them an identity and shows them who they truly are, what they’re capable of, and how they’re able to use their gifts, talents, and abilities for a greater cause. If worship is the purpose of life, having a purpose that doesn’t suddenly disappear is not only beneficial, but necessary in order to have a constant understanding of where you’re supposed to be and what you’re supposed to be doing. Now, you can probably guess what I would say at this point. You probably know my views and opinions at this point and probably already know what I would say my life’s purpose is because of what (or Who) I worship. But I’ll refrain for the time being. For now, I’ll just hope that some people take the time to analyze who or what they’re worshiping in their life and see what it’s doing for them. See what their apparent purpose is and how they feel about it. I plan on making two more posts in the future: one specifically about identity, and one specifically about worship. I’m hoping they’ll be out there fairly soon. But in the meantime, I hope my basic setup of my idea of the meaning of life has been helpful for someone. That’s all I can really do at this point. Hope and pray.


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