So I guess I made a blog

So I guess I made a blog. Which is kind of weird. I never thought I’d be the kind of person to make a blog of any sort, but I think a lot. And lately I’ve been thinking a lot about a bunch of different things and have been wanting to share my thoughts. I’m not big on journaling, but I wanted a place to organize my thoughts, and I figured I might as well share said thoughts with people. This may not be what you’re thinking it would be. I’m not going to share all of my deepest, innermost secrets or anything. I’m really just stating my opinions on some things every now and then when something rustles my jimmies. So if you’re expecting some dramatic garbage about how terrible all my pretend friends are making my life or something, that’s not my life. And even if it was, I wouldn’t post it for the world to see. So hopefully I can just state my opinions here relatively free of judgment. If you ever have any sort of response or whatever, feel free to comment! Or…Something. I’m still not sure how this works. But I’m going to try my best to not get into any arguments about anything, if ya don’t mind. But, yeah. I like to think I’m interesting every now and then, so try to enjoy! I already have some things lined up that I want to write about and I already have a couple things written out, so I’ll have stuff up soon.


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